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FREE Digital Business Card and access to our cloud based design dashboard to create and edit your card anytime.*


Your new digital business card is only minutes away. Simply create a free account and follow the step-by-step walk-through videos to credit the perfect digital business card.

Digital Business Card
Paper To Digital Business Card Conversion

Replace Your Business Cards With A Modern Digital Business Card

Make a great first impression

Wow them with your unique digital business card on your first meeting! Clients will never lose your card again!

Its Digital Real Estate!!!

Did you know that the most lucrative marketing space is right on your clients and shoppers martphone? Our new Mobile First PWA technology allows you to have a digital business card and app in just a few minutes with one click install and without the fees and hassles associated with app stores.

The BEST digital business cards are Mobile First PWAs

Progressive Web App (PWA)

A real progressive web app without the large price tag

Easy to send to others

Multiple ways to send your digitial business to prospects and clients.

Custom app icon

Your own custom app icon with your logo or profile image.

Add To Homescreen

We put your you or your business on your clients mobile homescreen. It's the most lucrative ad real estate space.

Booking calendars

Let clients and prospects book appointments through your digital business card.

Forms builder

Lead capture and registration forms with autoresponder. Submit entries to your database, or mail list.

Quick dial buttons

Exclusive quick dial icons allow people to tap and connect. You choose which connect methods to enable.

Push Notifications

Send promotional or informational messages directly to smartphones and pcs.

Accept deposits/payments

Charge a deposit or full payment for booked meetings or consolations with the booking feature.


Another exclusive feature, with a tap slide-outs smoothly slide out on the screen to display your content.

No address bar

With no address bar you'll have more space available for marketing yourself or your business.

Works without internet

Works even when if the users smartphone loses signal, like in planes.


Amazing Designs

Choose a style in our template gallery or create a design from scratch.

Digital Real Estate

Own digital real estate right on consumers home screens.

People will want to install your app to hear from you and receive your promotions

Our digital business cards and pwa app funnels can also be enabled for push notification marketing, allowing you to send informational or promotional messages right to your clients and shoppers smartphones. Never again miss out on holiday promotions with push messaging. It works better then emails.

Sharing a Digital Business Card

Easily send your business card to anyone

Once a prospect or client receives access to your business card they can...

  1. Install your business card as an app on their smartphones home screen with your own custom app icon.
  2. Save your contact info into their contact list.*
  3. Your subscribers can receive your push-notification messages and scheduled promotional messages.*
  4. Prospects and shoppers can connect with you via quick dial and messaging icons.
  5. much more...

When a prospect or client receives access to your business card pwa they are prompted to install your app and custom icon on their home screen. During the quick install they can also choose to receive push notification messages. A feature not found with other digital business cards.

Send Via Email - SMS - Scan QR Code - Social Media NFC* and more...

Scanning QR Code

Share with a QR Code

Quickly share your digital business cards QR Code anywhere.

You will have no problem quickly sending your digital business card to prospects, the popularity of QR Codes has exploded the last few years do to the pandemic, people commonly find these in restaurants and retail businesses everywhere.

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MobiFirst PWAs are adaptive across all displays

Adaptive is a MobiFirst exclusive feature allowing it to display as a business card as well as a marketing page on desktops.

  • Perfect for those that do not yet have a website for their business
  • Link your Google MyBusiness to your digital business card to create a virtual handshake.

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Dialer and Messaging Buttons

Quick Connect Icons

Enable contact buttons of your choice on the bottom (icon bar.) These icons remain stationary during page scrolling.

These icons can be configured to allow prospects and clients to quickly connect with you at the touch of an icon. Add as many connect buttons as you like that people can use to quickly connect with you. Or, link individual icons to internal or external web pages.

Quick Dial Icons that can be enabled include: 

Phone Dialer - Facebook Messenger - WhatsApp chat - Send an Email - Start a Skype Call - Link to an Internal Page - Link to an External Website - 

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Perfect for all business types

Want the best digital business card that gets prospects motivated?

Your prospects will be so impressed that they will want one too... It's your foot in the door opportunity that will turn prospects into hot leads and increased sales.

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Real Estate Digital Business Card

Message Templates

Giving your card To prospects is super simple

Quick send buttons allow you to send your card in many different ways.

Create your own pre-made message templates. Send access to your digital business card from a premade message template. Ex. perfect for following up after a business call to increase the chance of closing the deal.

Share Via Email, SMS - Scan QR Code - FB Messenger - NFC** & other social media platforms

About Us

Promote yourself

Provide a quick overview of who you are and what you offer.

Use as a simple business card by including your name, title, or add a bio, resume, project portfolio, add explainer or promotional videos, photos and more.

Finally... your own app without spending thousands

Custom Mobile Apps (PWAs) can cost thousands and take months to develop. With MobiFirst and TrenzyCard you can have both a digital business card PWA with Push-Notification functionality, all without spending a fortune in development fees and waiting months for the final product.

Our Platform creates high quality PWAs in record time. Having your own app with the push-notifications feature alone is priceless!

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Capture more leads and sales

Enable custom lead capture forms. An online booking feature also allows prospects and clients to book calls or consultations.

Your custom forms can also integrate with mail senders like GetRepsonse, MailChip, AWeber and other mail senders. An auto-responder is also included within the forms builder.

LInk one

Enable lead generating features

Save with our MobiFirst lead bundle offer.

Totally Customizable

Unlike other Digital Business Cards, with TrenzyCard you'll have the option to edit your digital business cards(s) anytime, whether it's your own or for your team, utilizing our cloud based design dashboard. Just like a website you can add pages and enable more features. All of your card holders and subscribers will always see your most current business information.

Step-by-step video tutorials

Create a FREE account, select a basic design and follow the simple step-by-step video lessons to create your own digital business card.

Done-For-You or use our design platform to create digital business cards for yourself, team members or your clients.

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Need additional business cards for your company or team?

DFY or create additional cards for your team with a reseller white label plan

If you require multiple cards or would like to offer digital business cards and PWAs to your B2B client list then get in touch about our reseller or white label branding and partner options.

Premium digital business cards

For yourself or your team(s)

No other digital business card providers offers the features our Digital Business Cards offer. These are not just mini WordPress websites like most other offers, they are real progressive web apps.

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Premium Digital Business Card
No Address Bar

No browser address bar

Without an address bar you will have more room for important content, plus less chance that a prospect or shopper will click away.

Even though TrenzyCard is available as a mobile app, your digital business card can still be accessible via a web-link using any web-browser. This means prospects can also conveniently access your digital business card from a link in a text message, email or social media platforms.

No internet needed

Progressive web apps are cached and can therefore be accessed later even when no smartphone signal is available.

This allows your prospects, clients and customers to easily access all pages on of your PWA anytime. Even when traveling on a plane without internet users won't be able to access website but your PWA will be viewable..

Excellent Smartphone

What makes TrenzyCard Better

Most digital business cards are just mini WordPress websites, they are slow, prone to security risks and need constant plug-in updates. Plus they only provide contact info.

Our digital business cards are progressive web apps (PWAs), a real app that allows you to send virtually instant or scheduled messages directly to your subscribers smartphones, with an open rate exceeding traditional email marketing.

Get more leads and sales with a PWA Digital Business Card. Our system offers features that capture more leads and sales. Market directly to your prospects and customers using our cloud based push messaging dashboard. TrenzyCard comes with features to get prospects motivated to close the deal or sale.

With the ability to send push messages directly to your audiences smartphones, just image the possibility's. Never again miss out on sending out your holiday promotions!

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Our PWA Platform creates apps that do not requiring app store downloading.

PWA is a new technology that totally bypasses the requirement of downloading from an app from the app stores. Enabling side-loading is also NOT required. This makes it a seamless install for those that receive your digital business card pwa.

When people first access your digital business card they will be prompted to install your app, your custom app icon will be installed right on their smartphone or PCs hemiscreen.

Customers will want to install your app because they already have interest in the services or products that you sell.

This is new Mobile First technology, unlike traditional apps that cost hundreds or thousands to develop, not to mention waiting for a team of developers to complete your project, these instant app funnels can go live in just minutes!

It's digital real-estate! 

During the process of installing and placing your app icon on their home screen they will also be promoted to subscribe to receive your future push notification messages.

Having your custom icon on your audiences home screen is like owning digital advertising real estate on your customers smartphones, just let that soak in for a minite. 

Send promotions, special offers, or informational messages directly to your customers smartphones. During the app install they see a message asking them if they would like to subscribe to receive notifications from you.

With our push-notifications option you can stay in touch with your card holders using our cloud based push notification messaging dashboard. Perfect for broadcasting messages directly to your subscribers. Send product announcements or schedule holiday promotions for example.

The big box stores have been doing this for years and now you can too!


Summary of features and highlights


No browser bar means that there is more room for your content.

Add To Home Screen

TrenzyCard is the ONLY company that easily puts YOU on your clients mobile HOMESCREEN.

Progressive Web Apps

Premium PWAs, prospects will be so impress that they will want one too. It's your foot in the door opportunity.

Multiple Template Styles & Colors

Select a style from the template gallery. CSS styling is also available for more advanced users.

Booking/Call Scheduling

Allow your prospects and clients book and appointments right through your digital business card or marketing page.

Got Knowledge? Get Paid

Do you have knowledge about a topic. People are waiting to pay you for your knowledge via consultation booking.

Build Custom Forms

Custom forms with autoresponder. Send form data to a database, mail list service or your email.

Applications and Forms

With the forms builder you can also create applications and registration forms.

Quick dial icon bar

Enable quick dial icons that allow your prospects and shoppers to easily get in touch with you quickly.

QR Code

Share with a QR Code on your digital business card or print out and display on your desk or counter for others to scan.

Flip Cards

Flip cards are like flash cards, simply tap to flip. Versions of a flipping digital business card is also available.

Digital Business Card and Marketing Page

Your progressive web app can act like both a business card and a marketing page or website.

Easy Business Card Setup (DFY)

Setting up your digital business card is easy with the cloud based dashboard. Plus, tutorial videos are included.

Digital Business Cards for Teams

Partnership, white label branding and reseller plans available. contact us for more info.

Accept Payments

Accept credit cards on your website or digital business card. Enable prepay and deposits on the booking widget.

Fast Launch

Launch an app and marketing page in as fast as just a few minutes.


TrenzyCard services are hosted on the world’s most secure and extensive global cloud infrastructure.

Template Gallery

Began your web presence with one of our pre-made templates.


Add cool sliders that swipe or fade images across the page at time delays that you set.

Royalty Free Images

Includes access to our free commercial use photo gallery. Quickly insert images into your webpages.


Modals are slide out windows that slide out from the side to display information like a virtual card.

Content Block

Use the content block text editor to create and format content. Insert images, maps, embed videos, tables...


The button widget allows you to easily add buttons or button groups to your webpages..

Easily Add Beautiful Page Headers

Add beautiful header sections to the web page with sliders and stunning backgrounds and contents


Easily add a mobile and desktop responsive map to your pages.

Photo Gallery

Easily add a photo gallery to your website.

Push Notifications

Send informative and promotional messages to clients and shoppers who install your app.


Create an organized list of items: posts, products, locations, events and everything else

Real Estate

Manage listings and details about apartments, houses and real estate

Social Share Buttons and Links

Easily add links - buttons and icons - to your social profiles and pages

Parallax Effects

Create a wow effect with parallax backgrounds. While scrolling the page the background image slowly moves to create a cool effect.

RSS News Feeds Widget

List (rss) Quickly and easily import RSS and Atom feeds into your website pages. Provide related articles to your users.


Other digital business cards are designed to simulate paper business cards by only providing prospects with your contact info, and which is just as boring as a paper business card. Other digital business cards come on a chipped card, at first the thought of tapping a prospects phone with a smartcard sounds cool. But, with chipped cards you quickly realize that it's sometimes difficult to find the location of the NFC receiver and many times the feature is not even enabled on the prospects device.

QR Codes work much better for sharing your digital business card and have become the standard and popular due to the pandemic. With TrenzyCard prospects and shoppers can use their smartphones to scan your QR code and can also be shared in many other ways. Once scanned a message propmts them to install your app on their phone and if they want to save your custom app icon on their smartphones home screen. Not only that they will also see a message asking them if they would like to subscribe to receive notifications from you. Since they already have an interest in you or the products of services that you offer they will want to receive notifications or promotions from you.

With TrenzyCard you can grab there attention and there interests. Create a simple digital business card or a more a more informative one with videos, presentations, your portfolio, resume, or any other functionality that you want to include. The limits are only limited by your imagination.



Benefits of PWAs include:

*PWAs are for progressive web apps. Once your digital business card is designed you can start using it immediately, or you can optionally convert it into a PWA right from within your account dashboard. The PWA feature is optional and requires that you purchase a plan.

  • Ability to allow anyone to save your PWA to their smartphone app drawer (sometimes referred to as "add to home screen").
  • PWAs can also be saved as apps on desktop pcs and will show up along side your other apps "like in your Windows Start Menu."
  • Send push notification messages to your subscribers.
  • Access to our cloud based push notification messaging dashboard.
  • Send one-time or schedule messages to be sent s at a later date and time and never miss out on holiday promotions again.
  • Address bar is eliminated on PWAs allowing additional space for your promotional content.
  • PWA do not require an internet connection. As long as the PWA was previously accessed the user can view it even if signal is lost, or if no Wi-Fi is available.
  • A purchased plan with SSL is required to convert your digital business card into a PWA.
  • Conversion to PWA is done by a simple click of a button. Then all the features described above will become available.